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Bell Hooks

"The issue is not freeing ourselves from representations. It's really about being enlightened witnesses when we watch representations." -bell hooks
I think that Bell Hooks' film teaches us how to watch films critically by using history as a back bone and what actually happened or occuring at a point in time shows in films. She breaks her movie up into two parts. In the first part she lays out the theoretical foundations of her work, emphasizing that film imagery and media representations are purposly made to portray messages that support the authority of "powerful" white males, degrading women and people of color. In part two, she uses concrete examples how to recongnize the "white supremecist", patriarchal values shown in popular media. She emphasizes that we need to learn how to identify somewhat hidden messages about race, gender, class in popular media. Her examples come from the O.J. Simpson trial, Madonna who she has quoted saying that black men are rude and inconciderate but yet she still uses them in her videos because they look good.

I think that she makes very persuassive generalizations about how media culture has degraded women and colored people and how the media supports the white supremicist! I think that i have always noticed where racism comes into play in a movie or media along with discrimination against women but Bell tought me a way of looking deeper into the movie in that aspect of why things still exist.