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bell hooks

In her film, "Cultural Criticism and Transformation," bell hooks teaches us new ways to watch films. She encourages viewers to take a more active role as audience members. She stresses the importance of analyzing film, television, music and current events. She criticizes directors and filmmakers for being patriarchal, capitalist and white supremacists. She definitely embraces the intersectionality tenet of Women of Color Feminism. The majority of the film is spent addressing racial issues, rather than those dealing specifically with gender inequality, and she points out that the feminist movement is not just about sex.
It was interesting to hear her interpretation of the "color caste system." I have heard about this before, almost a racism within a race, and she pointed out its prevalence among rap videos. bell hooks is obviously a very powerful and respected woman, and it was so refreshing to hear her ask the tough questions that many are afraid to ask. When she asked the director of Smoke why he chose to make the thief black, she was calling him out on his stereotypical action. No one wants to admit to consciously reinforcing those racial stereotypes. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing hooks' opinions of popular culture, because being a black woman she has a different perspective on things than, for example, a white person may have. I liked how she pointed out the power of popular culture in our lives today, because I think this impact is often overlooked. We are constantly bombarded by images and messages from the media, and it is so important to take a closer look at what is being communicated.
This film has definitely altered the way I will assess media in the future. I will pay more attention to the underlying messages that filmmakers are sending, rather than assuming a passive and accepting role as a viewer. I will challenge and criticize images and ideas that are being presented in the media.