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bell hooks

bell hooks has spent her career studying and teaching both women’s studies and cultural studies. In the documentary “Cultural Criticism and Transformation? she presents her own insight of the depiction of race, gender and social class in media outlets such as music and film. She also teaches her audience how to watch films and listen to music critically and to analyze what they observe while also realizing the affect which this media is creating in our world. In film today, movies such as Basic Instinct and Kids, girls and women are used more as objects to look at than as actual characters/people. Through techniques such as the male gaze, it is the director and/or writers who are responsible for doing this. Male gaze, when used as a guy looking at a woman, supports some societal beliefs of to-be-looked-at-ness in regards to women, supporting the idea that they are just objects to be looked at. This is also accomplished when the woman in the scene is being focused on in a way that makes her seem more attractive such as gradually scanning her body form the feet up or focusing only on specific body part such as her butt.

After hearing what bell hooks had to say in “Cultural Criticism and Transformation? I will start realizing the different techniques that are used in movies and what they convey to the audience. Besides the really obvious displays of the male gaze I never realized often and how inappropriately it was used in the movies that I watch. I also learned that a writer, who is responsible for a script, may have one idea of how a certain scene will turn out but it is the director who is responsible for what ultimately is put on the screen.


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