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bell hooks

Bell hook’s raised many points that have helped me to start viewing films critically. One point raised is to look not only at the actors and actresses and what story they are portraying but to look at the creators, the one’s who are behind the message that you are seeing. Her idea of being critical is all about being an active audience, compared to the passive audience. Bell hook’s mentions how the U.S is so deeply visual but often has a very one dimensional identity. One must actively look for stereotypes, who’s behind the production (usually white men), and be conscience of manipulations within the films, music, art, etc. She stresses the point that to have transformation, in the case of women as well as minorities becoming equal, one must be literate and be able to think critically. I agree with this statement completely. Without ever questioning what we see and who has the power behind the various creations we as a society will never advance forward and will continually have the same people in power. This in bell hook’s terms is an “enlightened witness?, one who is able to look at the bigger picture within a piece of art.


I like that you brought up who is behind much of our creations in the u.s. I think that a lot of us don't ever stop to think about how many white men are in charge of things. Almost everything is run by old rich white men- from movies to magazines to commercials to television shows. They even influence what we wear and what we eat. We have to take this into account and remember it always.