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Cultural Criticism-Bell Hooks

Bell Hooks really inspired me while watching this movie. It was amazing how intellectually stimulating all of her various criticisms were. She made me think about movies in a whole new way. Hooks has really inspired me to watch films more critically and think about all of the criticisms she mentions in this movie by using the various themes and concepts we have learned thus far. Bell Hooks makes a compelling argument for the trans formative power of cultural criticism.

Hooks discusses the theoretical foundations and positions that inform her work. Hooks also explains why she insists on using the phrase "white supremacist capitalist patriarchy" to describe the connecting systems of domination that define our reality. One term that helps explain this domination would be, scopophilia, visual pleasure through looking; the audience as viewing through the main male character of a film, the male gaze. She showed numerous examples of how women are objectified through looking by these dominate white males. Some examples of how this is done would include: close-ups, slow motion shots, fragmentation of body parts, and literal framing of the women’s body.

Further into the movie, Hooks demonstrates the value of cultural studies in concrete analysis through such subjects as the OJ Simpson case, Madonna, Spike Lee, and Gangster rap. The aim of cultural analysis, she argues, should be the production of enlightened witnesses, audiences who are critically vigilant about the world around us. In conclusion, this was a truly inspirational film that definitely persuaded me to start watching films in a more critical way and to try to truly understand all of the various themes and concepts Hooks talks about in this film.