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There are many ways in which Bell Hooks’ film “Cultural Criticism & Transformation� has taught me to watch films critically. Hooks, has shown through her analysis of the documentary film Hoop Dreams that all is not what it seems. One of the young men in Hoop Dreams decides to focus on his education and family instead of basketball, but instead of praising him for this choice he is shown as a failure. I have seen Hoop Dreams two or three times and I see now that her analysis of this film is accurate. Whereas, before I even viewed him as somewhat of a failure. I thought here this young man throws away a great opportunity to play basketball and not only that but he also has a baby, what a waste. Another great example that is used is the film KIDS. I have seen this movie as well and I did consider it to be a radical film. However Hooks, feels that it offers a very conservative right wing view on gender, race and HIV. She also feels s that KIDS reproduces a lot of stereotypes through transgressive sexuality.

Hooks, also speaks of a scene in the film where the main female characters speak, but what this scene does is trick people into believing there is gender equality in this film. Hooks, has taught me to be a more proactive viewer, listener, reader and to not just take them at face value. But to really analyze what it being feed to me.

Hooks, uses several terms throughout “Cultural Criticism & Transformation� that she employs to teach us to analyze what we are watching or listening to. One key term is enlightened witness- becoming critically vigilant about the world that we live in is vital. After watching Hooks I do feel like I am closer to becoming an enlightened witness. I feel that our media has desensitized so many of us. I can turn to a few different T.V. stations or radio stations at any given time and see or hear women being objectified in a misogynistic manner. We live in a society that is very patriarchal and it is greatly seen in our media.