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Cultural Criticism and Transformation

In the film, " Cultural Criticism and Transformation" Hook's opened my eyes to a whole new level of critical thought in film. When the film first began I was surprised to see the reoccurring topic of race being brought up, as the class is Feminist Film Studies, not Race Film Studies. However I thought it was so powerful the way that Hook's showed that race and sex function together at the same level through the term White Supremacist. In film if we can look at the different ways that races are being used and represented and use that to open the door to a new understanding of how woman are portrayed in films. Hooks encourages us to take a deeper look into film. She was spot on when she said that no one wants to admit to consciously constructing stereotypes in film. Knowing this, we have to then take a closer look into these films, in order to get the TRUE message. After doing so you find yourself asking questions that will further your knowledge of the world around you. Film can be the road map that leads to changes in our world. By watching and critiquing film we can take away messages and lessons that would otherwise be ignored.