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Trina Hendrickson

I really enjoy bell hooks' views on misogyny and gangsta rap. I think it is really nice to find such a strong feminist that is willing to put her views and perspectives in such a different perspective and not communicate it as, she quotes herself, "feminist trash."
I agree with her that the misogynist and sexist ways of behaving and thinking that are portrayed in a majority of the rap videos and lyrics are reflections of ways that people of today's society think, feel, and behave.
In bell hooks article, "Misogyny, Gangsta Rap, and The Piano," she talks about an interview she conducted about a year ago with the popular Rap artist, Ice Cube. When they got together they sat down and respectively shared views and opinions on politics, values, and self determination amongst the Black race. It was thought that is bell hooks, an extreme feminist, got together with Ice Cube, a tough rap artist, that they would tear each other's throats out with harsh, bitter comments. I liked how this plan backfired. It just goes to show, that a person cannot judge another on how they may view issues, what they may value, or how they may act simply based on what kind of a person they are perceived to be.