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watching critically

When people watch a film, they already assume certain aspects of the characters or plot due to past experiences, media, and popular culture. They can also make predictions based on these assumptions. Mulvey says that the audience subconsciously identifies with the subject of the film. People take a passive role while watching films and let the main characters do all the thinking for them. They agree with that character and don’t actually watch the film critically. bell hooks says we need to be an “enlightened witness? when watching a film. We need to consider who made the film, the motive behind creating such a film, or shooting a specific scene in a specific way (ie framing & gazing), and what meaning the director was actually trying to convey. hooks says that we need to deconstruct the ideologies and mythologies of popular culture and clear our mind to critically analyze a film.

However, in order to change our way of thinking permanently and affect others, we need to be exposed to enough critiques over time to make critical thinking our only way of thinking. Hooks also says that in order to change society, we need to install the changes in “mass literacy?. These things will help change our society. Watching bell hooks’ film “Cultural Criticism and Transformation? and reading Kaplan has taught me to think critically about the actual directing and casting of a film and not just the plot. Kaplan asks us to question the “relationship between images on film and the context for their production? and “the meanings of women that are produced on film and how they relate to the meanings/images about them produced elsewhere ie socially, politically, and culturally?. Doing this will help and audience to think critically and look at the film from a different point of view besides the main character.


good day! i came across your blog while searching through google, im just wondering if you could share the title of kaplan's essay that you mentioned here. im currently looking for essays i could use in my class. thanks.