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White Supremacist Capatalist Patriarchy

Bell Hook uses this term in her film as a way of grouping all the "interlocking systems of domination." This allows movie watchers or music listeners to analyze issues of gender and racism, among other things under one term. Hook believes that racism is a term that "keeps white people at the center of the discussion" because it is a term that was developed by white people but can be directed in any way toward any group. On the other hand, she uses the term White Supremacy as a term to analyze racism that can "evoke a political world that we all frame ourselves in relationship to." It is interesting to look at films in this way because it doesn't just end with the two categories of white and other. It is almost like a spectrum that is easily noticed now that it has been brought to my attention. Even when it comes to black characters in movies or music videos the darker the skin of the character the more likely they are to play a delinquent or degrating role. In most cases it can be summed up as the lighter your skin is the better person you are and the darker your skin the worse you are.

The capatalist part of Hooks term "White Supremacist Capatalist Patriarchy" can be seen in the manipulated representation of females. Hook makes a good observation that after women went to work during WWII they were expected to return to the home when the war was over, this vision of women was made public through adds and propaganda. It is very similar to the rape, SM, and brutal sex seen in films now because that is the white male capatalist film society trying to regain control of women from their feminist ways and back into the home.