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White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy

One can see that Bell Hooks is an intellectual and a scholar that is devoted to critical consciousness and awarness of oneself and society. In her lecture she has focused on the interconnectivity of race, class, and gender and their ability o produce and perpetuate systems of opression and domination. She clearly emphasises that topics can not be dealt with sepereatly but have to be understood as being interconnected.
In her video on Cultural Criticism and Transformation, bell asks why we should study popular culture, and answers by arguing that we need to resist representations - not be free of them, but to be critically vigilant regarding them. Because popular culture has great power in our everyday lives, she suggests that the process of critiquing popular culture is the site of pedagogy and learning, and it is a way of strengthening our students' sense of agency.Early on in the movie she explains the importance of the freedom found from the mass based literacy movement. This show us that the first step to thinking critically is decolonizing our mind which then allows us to find our own voice. Through this process people can resist the reinscribed ideas of Race, class, and gender and move towards becoming an "enlightened witness".
Hooks showed the complex nature of being truly critical, and with that she has opened a path for starting an honest conversation on sensitive subjects. I loved when she talked about "American cultures obsession with transgression and change". While many believe that society has made great progress with the state of constant respect for the "other" by mantaining a system of "P.C" (political correct), it is because of this notion that we fail to start a genuine and honest dialouge about the real issues that are presented. Hooks explains this by stating that the "Postmodern theory, that is not seeking to simply appropriate the experience of "otherness" in order to enhance it's discourse or to be radically chic should not seperate the "politics of difference" from the politics of racism."
As a black, muslim, female immigrant I am aware that the cure for oppression is not going to come from the oppressor, it is with movies such as the Hooks lecture that I can find tools and strategies to overcome the fear of becoming a part of an institutional construct of the White Supremacist, Capitalist Patriarchy.