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Thelma & Louise / Set It Off

In both of the films, Thelma & Louise & Set It Off, roads not only become an important means for the characters to run away from the cops but they also get a sense of having more freedom. Thelma & Louise always create more problems when they get off the road for a stop. When they are on the road, they keep moving without any problems as they enjoy the varied landscapes. They seem to be enjoying their time on the road whereas they are suspicious and cautious when they stop to rest. In the film Set It Off, while robbing a bank, the first thing that they after getting the money to be on the road fleeing from possibly getting caught. They realize being stuck in the bank for more than a few minutes is a problem but being on the road is almost a freedom from that state of mind as well as from cops. And they do get away from cops until the end. They separate in the end but only Stony (played by Jada Pinkett Smith) is able to get away by riding on the bus to Mexico. She could probably fly or take a boat to Mexico but they ride the bus by the road. This may be an exaggeration because road is cheapest method of travel but being on the road in the car or bus certainly gives sense of freedom. Thelma & Louise who were also trying to reach Mexico didn’t want to be stopped but in the end there are surrounded by cops from behind and a big cliff in the front. They realize that their freedom to a better live ends right then if they get caught by the cops and so they decide to ride off the cliff.

The ending of the both movies demands a mixed reaction. Both movies have a sad ending because Thelma and Louise supposedly is dead if they were to add additional 2 minutes to the movie after they ride off the cliff and in Set If Off, besides Stony, the other 3 women are shot to death. The movies at first seems to give a message saying you can’t get away after committing a crime and so either you kill yourself to escape incarceration or be killed in the process of escaping. But then the scriptwriters want the movie to make lot of money and so they have end the movie on a good note or at least give the audience some comfort or hope and so they end Thelma and Louise riding off the cliff with the smiles and Stony is able to reach Mexico with all the money.