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Trina Hendrickson's Set It Off

The loyalty of sisterhood is expressed and shown greatly throughout the films 'Set It Off' and 'Thelma and Loise.'
In both films, women were given a chance to drop everything that was going on and start a life with a currently involved man. Loise and Stony both chose to remain loyal with their friends. The girl friends were portrayed as family, like sisters in both films. There was such a strong bond between each woman that the viewer could sense the love and respect throughout each scene that was filmed. The loyalty remained until the very end of each film. Each woman choose death in the end. I perceive in doing so, they believed they would always be best friends to the end.
The landscape in both films differed greatly from one another. In Thelma and Loise, the landscape was naturistic with wide open areas often shown. Thelma and Louise were often shot in natural daylight with no surrounding buildings. In Set It Off, a more urban street environment was portrayed. The women were surrounded by buildings and lights. The deaths that took place in the end helped reflect the nature of the landscapes. In Set It Off, the women were brutally shot to death in the streets of the city. These deaths reflect the dark business of the city life that was shown as their surrounding environment. Thelma and Loise choose to drive off a cliff. The shot as they were driving was freeze framed with them holding hands surrounded by many other beautifully colored rocks and cliffs. Their death was portrayed as more natural and soothing just as the atmospheric landscape was shown throughout the film.
Both films were similiar in comparison while reflecting evident differences, but the main point portrayed in each film was the loyalty of sisterhood.


Thelma and Loise vs. Set It Off