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The black guy in the movie is outspoken and cares about the money and nothing else. He sometimes comes off as lazy looking to do minimal work and get paid. The black guy is the one that makes sexual jokes as well. The other female, besides Ripley, is very annoying and panicky when pressure situations arise. In one of the scenes she was told by the men to quit "griping" while the men went on with the mission. One thing I thought was very important is the instincts Ripley has. The female uses her instincts and can sense trouble before it happens. Also, Ripley plays things by the books while the men (even if one is a robot) disregards the rules and does things the way they see fit. In the movie playing it by the rules would have turned out to be a good thing, but at the same time this says that women are not allowed to step outside boundaries. Another difference is the status transactions between male and female. The captain says, "meet me right away," while Ripley uses "please" and "thank you". Another thing about Ripley is that she cares for the cat. Women look after life, while men treat the cat as something trivial. I think Ripley ends up as the lone survivor because she is the most balanced. She is brave when she needs to be, she is quick, she follows rules and knows when to challenge rules. She and the captain have this aura to them but unfortunately the captain needed to be brave and try to kill the Alien by himself.

Her steady move toward individualism progresses more and more because he crew members die off. She has no choice because she is the only one left. We can look at capitalism in this movie as the government, or who ever wanted the Alien to study it. They understood it was the perfect organism and sent a crew out to bring it home without the crew's consent. They most likely wanted to study it and sell stuff after they learned what they needed to learn.