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Balance in Bound

Throughout the entire film there is evidence and constant proving that Corky bears the more “masculine and dominant role� between the two women. Corky wears the combat boots, cargo pants, and tattoos. Corky is also the one who devises the plan to steal the two million dollars from the mob. By being marked with these overt physical characteristics, it is easy to say that Corky is portraying the “’butch’ signifier of lesbian� (Noble 5). Violet is constantly being marked as the more “feminine and less dominant role� between the two women. Violet styles her hair, wears the dresses, high heels, and lacy undergarments. But by being marked with these overt and ambiguous physical characteristics, it is not as easy to label Violet as the “femme lesbian�, but as the “suspect ‘lesbian’� (Noble 5).

However, in the brilliantly choreographed sex scene, it is evident that Violet is, sexually, the more dominant and in – control of the two women. This is evident in the positioning of the two women. Corky is positioned below Violet - completely submissive to her. This positioning is important because it instates a sort of balance of “power� between the two women. While Corky seems to be in control throughout the rest of the film, Violet seems to be the one who is in control in this scene and any other sexual scene (she usually is the initiator). I have not decided yet if this scene is feminist or not. Part of me believes that it is not feminist as (I think) it objectifies both of their bodies (framed by the bed during an ariel camera shot). However, part of me also believes that this scene is feminist as it represents the balance of “power� and equality between two people in a relationship.