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I viewed the love scene in Bound to be a feminist scene. It shows two females being intimate with each other and not attempting to fulfill a “man� role and a “female� role, which society feels more comfortable portraying with queer couples, according to Kessler. Susie Bright’s assistance with the choreography, allowed the directors to avoid placing the queer couple into the mold of a heterosexual couple. Violet was more dominant in the pleasuring throughout the bed love scene, but corky was in the first intimate scene, while performing the same act. This creates for an equal portrayal in love-making by each of the women. If corky would have been shown in the bed love scene as the dominant pleasure, this would have shown more or a patriarchal relationship between the two women. Corky is presented with short hair, tattoos, and laid-back dress. She is an ex-con and enjoys fixing things (handywoman). Corky could be labeled as “butch� by society, based on her appearance and personality. The directors then chose to have Violet shown quite the opposite in appearance and personality.

In comparison, this allows her character to observed as “femme�. In the love scene I feel that the “butch� and “femme� labels dissolve from the characters’ identities. This permits them to be shown as two females engaged in an intimate moment---free from the “gender roles� which society has wrongly classified as normal. These labels, as the-more-masculine-partner and the-more-feminine-partner, have been removed from the scene because the women are not being defined by their appearance or interests. The emphasis is on Corky and Violet’s female sexuality and their strong attractions towards each other.