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In my opinion the sex scene in Bound is what I would consider feminist because it is a woman, and in this case women, taking control of the situation that is stereotypically controlled by a male character. In the movie both butch and femme are seen in the characters of Violet and Corky. Violet plays the part of the seductive woman which leads the audience to label her as femme. Then to reinforce the fact that Violet represents femme and Corky represents Butch: in their first sexual encounter it is Corky who is pleasuring Violet. In the longer sex scene the roles are reversed and it is Violet who is pleasuring Corky. This switches the masculine and feminine roles (which originally were Violet feminine and Corky masculine), since it is Violet who is now doing the penetrating she takes on the masculine role and Corky is seen as feminine.

The two sex scenes show the difference between their relationship and a heterosexual relationship. (In a heterosexual relationship it is stereotyped that the masculine individual is the on doing the penetrating and the feminine individual who is being penetrated.) If Violet and Corky switched positions, Corky would be seen as the butch and masculine individual of the relationship and therefore be seen as the dominant one. The sexual encounters reinforce the ideas of sex and gender and the differences between the two as discussed in our lecture. Looking at the sex of both characters the audiences sees two women in a relationship. However, it is their actions during sex that depicts their genders based on their actions and the roles (masculine and feminine) that they play. Since both characters took turns playing the masculine role of the relationship they also share the role of being dominant which is seen throughout the rest of the film.