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I think the movie Bound depicts lesbian sex in the most positive way I've ever seen it. Both the women were actively engaged in the act, and though there may have been masculine and feminine characteristics assigned to the women, I saw them as completely equal in the sex scene they shared. I believe the scene to be feminist, because the depiction is not about domination, but intimacy and passion, unlike that of Basic Instinct. Because Corky is seen as the butch, and Violet as a femme, I expected the scene to show Corky in a more dominant role, but the opposite was true, when Violet was seductive, and even a bit more aggressive in bed. If Corky and Violet were to trade positions in the scene, it would have been more typical of heterosexual sex, due to there characteristics they emit. The notion of masculinity and femininity in lesbian relationships has changed for me after seeing and discussing this particular scene. I think I just assumed what lesbian sex was, but now have a better grasp on what it is, and how it should be viewed.