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Masculinity and Femininity are depicted in this movie like the typical stereotypes of what masculinity and femininity in the way that men and women are suppose to look. For example Corky is dressed like what a "man" who is doing construction work and Violet is dress like a "feminine women" is suppose to dress with dresses and fitted outfits. But something that was different with this movie in my opinion is the characters that are supposedly suppose to be playing these stereotypes of masculinity and femininity act as the other one would. Violet initiated to have sex something supposedly a "man" is suppose to do not a women and Violet is the one on top in the sex scene and taking charge again supposedly what a "man" is suppose to do. While we see Corky acting how a "women" is suppose to act with being more passive in the scenes we see. Jean Noble talks about in her essay about the movie that in the beginning of the movie it is setting up you to think Corky is a "masculine" by what she is wearing the boots, pants, the tattoos she has etc. So with the movie setting up in the very first scenes for us to already think Corky is a suppose to be masculine without giving us the chance to decide that for ourselves. I just think it is really too bad that we have these stereotypes of what a man and women should be and it is hard to break that sometimes and that is what this movie falls victim too.