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I think that this scene is feminine for 3 reasons. One is that there are obviously two women and no men in the scene. Another is that the women seem more sensual than if there was a male involved, except for the first experience. The final reason is that I feel most people, specifically men, invision lesbian sex as using sex toys or things of that nature. I think that the use of those actually makes the sex between the two women more masculine. As far as butch and femininity goes I feel both characters demonstrate aspects of both. Just based on the physical appearance Violet is clearly more feminine than Corky. However, Violet does make the first move on Corky and is more dominant making Corky more feminine when it comes to stereotyped sexual roles. Also, in the end of the film Violet is calling the shots further conflicted who plays the more feminine role in the film. If the roles of the women were switched around and Corky appeared all girly and Violet was butch I think it would be a lot easier to tell who was more feminine. I feel like as a whole we tend to judge people more based on their appearences rather than their actions. Until the it was brought up in the class discussion I wouldn't have even thought as Corky being feminine simply becasue the stereotypes are really set for me. But if the women fit their physical appearances and were not conflicting than the film wouldn't be so interesting to interpret.