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Bound #1

I found the scene to be a little confusing. Before this we saw Violet coming on to Corky but Corky engaging in the sexual relations. Later, we see Violet going into Corky’s truck and wanting to pleasure her which we later saw happening at Corky’s place. I do not think that the scene is very feminist. I see two women having sex, but it does challenge the typical femme and butch roles. Violet we see as a seductive femme woman and Corky a strong butch woman. Although during the sex scene their “identified? roles are switched. It shows Violet as the more dominant lesbian. This shows me that there is not a whole lot of significance to butch and femme. The only difference is the way they act and dress but when it comes to a relationship or sexual experience they are both using different roles. Masculinity is troubled from this because it is now diminished. It places the characters in all different positions not only in the sex scene but throughout the movie. As Kessler would explain, the roles of butch and femme are now considered to be “unhealthy.? Although they still exist, Bound educates us that these roles are “recognized in both heterosexual and lesbian cultures.? The placements of the women in the sex scenes are really important. If Corky were to be giving pleasure to Violet in both scenes the roles of butch and femme would be a little bit more correct but that is not the case. Violet surprises us by being very dominating and witty. She proved that she is just the same as Corky (butch). They are capable and enjoy the same things.