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Bound 1

In my opinion I think the sex scene in Bound does not make the two characters explicit in any way. I believe it accurately portrays two women enjoying being together. Unlike many other lesbian sex scenes this scene seemed based more upon the love dynamic and showing two women engaging in this sex act that truly enjoy the other sexually. In so many other insistences we see lesbian sex scenes as being explicit and they don’t focus at all about the passion, but just the act itself. I believe both of the characters are represented as equals. I don’t think the butch/femme role is present here. Both of the characters are naked and when trying to decipher the butch/femme role, it is usually based upon clothing. Neither of them looks like either stereotype. When clothed, Corky would be seen in the “butch? role and Violet would be considered the “femme.? In most of the movie Corky is seen as the dominant character between the two, but in the sex scene Violet is depicted as the dominant one. If the two characters had switched positions in this scene the butch/femme roles could have possibly been more dominant because we would see Corky being in the dominant “butch? role that she is seen as throughout the rest of the movie. I think this sex scene got so much praise because it does break the stereotypes that were normally seen in movies and it helped portray the two women as equals and it didn’t exploit the two characters as lesbians, but helped better portray them as lovers.