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Bound 1

Bound has successfully drawn favors from both heterosexual and lesbian crowds by “visually adhering to historical stereotypes while reversing/transforming them through a reversal of behavior expectation and connotation� according to Kelly Kessler. The girl-on-girl action engages in activities that are heterosexually tailor adheres to male audiences, while the actual depiction and details of the lesbian sex is tailored more towards the lesbian audience. The two sex scenes appeal to both straight and lesbian audiences by shooting the scenes in such a way that “they would appeal to a heterosexual male audience, while providing ‘steamy’ lesbian sex, targeted at lesbians� (Kessler).

The lesbian characters in Bound are clearly defined and aesthetically constructed to fit the stereotypical butch and femme roles in history. Corky is dressed to portray the butch with a leather jacket, boots, men’s briefs, and tattoos. Violet wears short and form-fitting dresses, heels, has a perfectly made-up face, and long fingernails to portray her as the femme. While Corky is physically stronger and more masculine, Violet is the sexual aggressor. She initiates the action in both sex scenes. She calls Corky over to fix her plumbing, and she is the one who puts Corky’s hand under her dress. She is also the one who goes to Corky’s truck to prompt her for a second round. During the second scene in the bedroom, Corky is receiving while Violet, the femme, is pleasing her. In heterosexual sex, missionary position is most common. This scene challenges that accepted normality by reversing the positions. As the butch, Corky would be expected to be in control and be on top, while Violet should be the passive receiver. If their positions were reversed, this scene would fall into the category of heterosexually conceived notions of lesbian sex and wouldn’t be as notorious or have the impact it does to viewers of all sexuality it does today.