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I have to let it be known right away that I thought Bound was one of the best movies that we have watched in class this semester. It is smart, funny, and full of action. What puts this movie so high up on the list of films we have seen, is how it portrays lesbians. What is different about the film is that the two lesbian characters are not put against the heteronormative backdrop. Many films are guilty of doing this, and we as society fall into this labeling game over and over without even realizing what we are doing. It was very easy for us as a class to label Violet the woman and Corky the man of their relationship. It was obvious from the get go that Violet was the femme and Corky was the butch, but what we have to understand though is that doesn't mean that just because these two women have these personas, they are automatically given heterosexual roles. What they wear and how they act is just them being who they really are. They are just being themselves and just because they wear clothes that make them look a certain way, it is unfair for us to label them. These are just two queer women who are beyond the heterosexual, or for that matter homosexual way of labeling sexual orientation and roles. The movie shows both of these women being in charge or "dominate" at one point of the film.

I think they greatest example of this is the sex famous sex scene that we were asked to discuss. As we saw it was kind of a two-part event. Both scenes though showed each woman being in power and "fucking" the other one. This was not because one was trying to be more dominant than the other, they were just trying to pleasure one another sexually. If you remember we see Violet sucking on Corky's finger and then shoving it up her skirt. It was Violet who allowed Corky to have the dominant role not just Corky on her own. And then in the next scene after they get caught we see Violet in the dominant position show that these women just enjoy sex and a "power struggle" is the farthest thing on these women's minds.

Another thing this film did that Kelly Kessler pointed out is the directors ways of filming the sex scenes were very well done. Kessler writes, "Bound portrays the intimacies and technicalities of lesbian sex without the the funny romanticism of other lesbian love scenes or the hyper-feminine trashiness of heterosexual pornography." This isn't some sort of fantasy we are watching, this is real thing. After writing all this I still am not sure how the question, "Is this scene feminist?" works. I will say this though, it shows two women having passionate sex, while at the same time not exploiting them. It was fair and only right for the directors to have it this way. They were respecting all lesbians by not exploiting these characters. Maybe all of this makes the scene feminist after all.