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The sex scene was interesting because right before it, there was the short little sexual encounter between Corky and Violet where Corky was the one who was doing the pleasuring. Both sexual encounters were initiated by Violet in a seductive way. The main sex scene shows Violet doing all of the pleasuring and Corky being the one who is on the sole recieving end. I think one of the problems with the scene is that both women are not recieving while giving. I don't see the scene as feminist, I simply see it as a lesbian sex scene. Violet appears to be the dominant one but I wouldn't consider her the masculine character and Corky dresses Butch but isn't necessarily the masculine character either. I think this film and the sex scene did an excellent job of showing the equality between the two women in their relationship together. Neither one was solely dominant and both had something to give to the relationship. I think with Corky being on the "bottom" in the scene, she was seen as the female of the sex scene, because in heterosexual couples, the woman usually recieves the pleasure while lying on the "bottom."

If Corky were on her side and recieving the pleasure, I would probably consider Violet to be the feminine character, so the positions did help support the roles. As far as butch and femme goes, during the sex scene, both the women were completely nude so I don't consider either one to be butch or femme, they are simply the couple as a whole during the scene. The masculinity and feminity does come out during the scene because of their positions but Corky isn't the butch one and Violet isn't the femme one in this particular scene. In the rest of the movie, it is obviously clear that the women vary greatly in the way they portray themselves to the public, but in the bedroom, all of those stereotypes go away.