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The sex scene in bound is not one that we have seen in the movies that we have watched so far. It is feminist in that it shows women enjoying sex, not being exploited by it, used, or apologizing for it. It does not simply focus on the nudity and focus on the actresss’ bodies in it. It represents passion and emotion in their sex while only showing what is needed to portray this feeling. I don’t see much significance of butch and femme in this scene. Without their clothing they are both shown as equally feminine. The only thing that sets Violet out as the femme one in this scene are her long, painted nails. Although Violet is pleasuring Corky in the scene, it does not seem as if she is dominating her. Instead they are both equally enjoying the act.

If Corky and Violet traded positions, given our preconceived knowledge of them as butch and femme, it may seem that Corky is more masculine. But, if one were to watch just this scene, I don’t think that they would be able to identify them as butch and femme. By having Violet pleasure Corky, it takes away any masculine feeling to the scene, instead just showing two feminine women enjoying themselves in an act of passion for one another.