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I do think that this scene between Corky and Violet was feminist. It allowed for the blatant sexuality that both these women sought and embodied with little to no objectification. The little that remained I think was mitigated by the “voyeuristic� nature of film and its appearance as otherwise “really good sex� that Kessler discussed. I also agree with her statement that Gershon made a lousy butch. Other than that I thought the subtle ambiguity of a “dominating� gender role made this movie all the better. As for if Corky were on top, my first thought was to say yes it would be less empowering or feminist, and maybe even a little less sexy.

I really didnt like the fact that it almost seemed as if Violets femme-ness almost seemed to belittle her character (especially in our discussion). These stereotypes seemed more to reinforce hetero-normativity or to be ameliorating homosexuality for the comfort of the heterosexual audience then to actually make any sort of character development. She was still as strong intelligent and at times dominating as any of the other characters, only using a her imposed feminine wiles to manipulate the misogynistic and unsuspecting males in the film (Jennifer Tilly is so great <3 ). Unlike basic instinct, (which I thought was one of the worst “queer� representations) their sexuality was complete with the two of them and not a caricature created to subvert, castrate or other wise dis-empower men. As Kessler also points out this also made it far more sexual as they weren't waiting for the “real� heterosexual sex.