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Bound and feminist sex scene

The sex scene in Bound is definitely feminist. Kessler states “it creates much needed empowering and erotic images for lesbians,� which was very true. Since Bright choreographed it, it was definitely not intended for the heterosexual male to derive pleasure from, although they may. The scene instead focused on the complete lack of the male/phallic presence. Especially with its lack of the stereotypical view of lesbian sex involving all kinds of toys and dildos. These women were able to please each other completely without a phallic presence. This sexual power in itself is threatening to heterosexual men, because it shows that they are not necessary. The first encounters of Violet and Corky establish them as femme and butch, respectively. Violet is all dolled up, tight dress, thigh highs and heels, while Corky is in a leather jacket, unkempt hair, men’s briefs, and boots. This is further reinforced when Caesar walks in on Violent and Corky, and perceives Corky to be male and is relieved when he sees Violet is not

“cheating� on him. However, the two women subvert the idea of butch having to be the “masculine representative� in their parody of heterosexism because Violet takes charge sexually in both experiences (when she takes Corky’s hand and puts it between her legs, and when she is “on top� when they have sex), subverting the idea of the “feminine� being submissive and “masculine� being dominant.