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Bound fitting into Patriarchy

These scenes allow for the audience to move away from the idea of heterosexual (male) sexuality and move toward the notion of female sexuality; its existence without a man being present and possibly even more prominent in this scene is the absence of a phallus. Yet this scene does not completely pull away from the idea of heterosexual sex, Corky and Violet’s Butch/Femme personas reinscribe this concept. Unfortunately along with the Butch/Femme characteristics there is an association with masculine and feminine placement, or stereotypes. As great of a job that I believe this film does to represent lesbian relationships and sexuality, it could have progressed further from our society’s idea of heterosexual normalcy.

With that being said, this scene does still inscribe to feminism. This definitely expresses female sexuality, as well as the fact that this comes in different forms. This illustrates that women are dynamic in their “femaleness?, yet we see that their needs and wants are the same.

In the first scene the Butch/Femme representation seems to have more overt significance. Violet’s seduction is reminiscent of a Femme Fatale. The viewer questions Violets sincerity, whether she has an ulterior motive. In the second scene we see the film differentiates from the underlying patriarchy that flows through the film; Violet is in the dominate role that is often associate with the male in heterosexual relations. If they were to switch places the viewers may not give this a second thought, for it would fulfill the heterosexual belief system that so often dominates our society.