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Bound Sex Scene

There is no doubt that Bound asks us to place Violet and Corky within the categories of either butch or femme, as the film is full of signifiers which code their bodies either way. Corky can be seen as butch, as evidenced by her leather jacket, tattoos, and boots, while Violet is portrayed as femme in her short skirts and high heels. Kessler claims that Bound's use of these recognizable roles allows the viewer to place the characters in comparison to oneself, alleviating "discomfort caused by cultural uncertainty". I tend to find black/white divisions like these uninteresting. It seems too constricting to place people in one category or the other. I was relieved to see that Bound's sex scene allowed for the characters to redefine what is normally thought of as traditional butch/femme roles. Violet's placement on top is significant in that it allows for a femme lesbian to be seen as the sexual aggressor. There were no real signs of masculinity or femininity within this scene, and instead we see them as equals engaging in a truer portrayal of lesbian sex.