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Bound's Meaningful Sex Scene

May I begin with stating that the main sex scene displayed in the film, Bound, was one of the most passionate and meaningful lesbian scenes I have viewed thus far.
I believe this scene is depicted as feminst while at the same time contradicting lesbian-feminist assumptions of the butch and femme culture. The scene overall represents Violet and Corky as strong, deep, and passionate in their sexuality. The significance of butch and femme is important to examine in order to understand how the scene contradicts the misreadings people have formed about lesbian-feminists. It was stated in the 'Bound Together' article by Kelly Ressler that by the 1980's butch and femme roles had become less strict and it was considered by others to be unhealthy to follow the roles and rules that went along with them. The sex scene grasps onto the realization that society recognizes these butch and femme stereotypes and visually supports them while transforming them into modern unexpected behaviors. Butch is typically associated with being sexually aggressive

while femme is perceived as passive and quiet. These assumptions are significant because the film portrays Violet as being femme and Corky as butch. Violet is the sexual initiator constanly seeking out Corky to engage in provacative flirting. She communicates her sexual desire and interest toward Corky the second she slipped Corky's hand under her slip and seductively said, "You can't believe what you see, but you can believe what you feel." The infamous sex scene further challenges the butch and femme stereotypes by having Corky on her back and Violet sexually in control of Corky's orgasm.
Femininity is depicted through Violet. With her hoarse whisper of a voice, her well put on make up and her beautiful curly hair she represents the femininity achieved by many heterosexual women and femme feminists. She wears sexy dresses and slips that show off her womanly curves and her nails are perfectly painted. It is her long, gorgeous nails that are very noticable during the sex scene. They are wrapped around Corky's face, brushing over her lips and half open mouth as she is in sexual bliss. Masculinity is depicted through Corky. She wears boots, pants, a motorcycle leather jacket, men's underwear and has tattoos. Although Corky is masculine she is marked as a female when her and Violet have sex. An intriguing remark made in the article 'Bound and Invested' by Jean Noble stated that a "femme's desire for female masculinity was evidenced by Violet's ability to read and deire Corky as both female and masculine."
If Violet and Corky traded positions in the scene it would give it a more heterosexual perspective. The scene would be surrendering to the butch and femme stereotypes assummed by much of society. I highly respect and applaud the director for venturing into gay communities to give this amazing sex scene more meaning and a sense of reality.


Bound's Meaningful Sex Scene

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