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Bound-Sex Scene

I found the sex scene in the film Bound to be feminist because it challenged stereotypes that society may have of butch/femme, relating to patriarchal sex. During the scene the stereotypical gender roles of patriarchy were challenged. The distinction between butch/femme is important because the scene ‚Äústages a struggle over hegemonic interpretations of female sexual iconography‚Ä?. (Noble) Violet is portrayed as a femme; she wears high heels, short skirts and make-up. Corky, on the other hand, is butch; she wears boots, men's underwear, has tattoos, and does manual labor. These characteristics would lead many to believe that Corky is the "man" and Violet is the "woman". However, these characteristics are only physical, in reality the identity of the character is more complex. Violet is femme, but she is not submissive (she mainly pretends to be submissive and weak to the men around her), she can be seen as more "masculine" through her sexual advances to Corky, and her dominance in the sex scene. Specifically, during the sex scene we see Violet in control and on top, while Corky is submissive and is on bottom.