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Butch and Femme

In the film Bound we are introduced to two lesbian characters who supposedly are clearly coded as butch (Corky) and femme (Violet). However when viewers are introduced to the sex scene between the women we see that there is in fact a, "reversal of behavior expectations and connotations" that are supposed to be held by Violet and Corky. In the readings it says "in general the butch was thought to be aggressive while the femme was perceived as passive." In the sex scene we see Violet, who was previously portrayed as the femme, taking on the role of the aggressor and Corky is shown as the passive receiver. The girls positioning is vital to the portrayal of this as Violet is shown to be on top and has the overall control of Corky's pleasure. If the girls position would have switched we would see a completely different picture, as Corky would be continuously thought of and shown as the butch and Violet would be continuously seen as the femme. It is also important to note that by the use of the camera, this scene can be read as feminist. We do not watch this scene through the point of view of one character, but are shown the shots objectively through the camera and therefore can identify with both characters in the scene.

By doing this we are allowed to see that this specific lesbian sex scene is one that is not focused on a phallic object and the women are both physically and mentally happy and fulfilled with out a man at the center of their lives.