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Feminist love scene

The second sex scene between Violet and Corky is feminist because it does not reinforce patriarchal stereotypes. Kelly Kessler writes, “[The second sex scene] excludes phallocentrisim…it provides sex totally independent of male symbolism.? The lack of a phallic object sets this scene apart from most other lesbian sex scenes in films (Kessler). The film also breaks heterosexual stereotypes of lesbians by showing the femme in a dominant sexual position, as opposed to passive. Corky, the butch, plays a passive role during the sex scene as Violet, the femme, uses her hand to stimulate Corky. The placement with Violet on top and Corky on the bottom helps illustrate the difference in their roles as active and passive. If Violet and Corky traded positions, the scene would be different. Violet would lose some of her qualities as the seductress. This scene helps debunk the 1970s critics’ belief that butch and femme identities and relationships replicate heterosexual conceptions of “masculinity? and “femininity? by reinscribing gender roles which allow for the persistence of patriarchy...

The second sex scene closes with a shot of Corky’s face as she is being pleasured and the camera does not linger on the shot of Violet’s hand which would be typical in a lesbian sex scene created for a heterosexual male audience. “[The scene] portrays lesbian sex without the fuzzy romanticism of other lesbian love scenes or the hyper-feminine trashiness of heterosexual pornography? (Kessler). This scene is about the pleasure of the women first and foremost thus making it a feminist scene.