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Feminist Sex Scene

I would say that the sex scenes in Bound are very feminist. There are several reasons why I believe that these scenes are feminist. As Kessler points out in her essay, the scenes avoid phallocentrism. Although there is penetration occurring it is done in a way that does not lend itself to the power of the phallus. The focus of the scenes is not done around the actual action of penetration but the expressions of pleasure on each woman’s face. Both scenes also show both women in each shot which avoids any specific points of view especially a male gaze. Also Corky and Violet switch positions of masculinity and femininity. The first scene Corky is seen as a masculine as she pleasures Violet but in the second scene the roles are switched and Corky is seen in a feminine way. This shows how masculinity and butch are not concretely linked together as the butch Corky and the femme Violet can switch who has the role of masculinity and who has the role of femininity. As Kessler discusses in her essay, voyeurism is what lends this seen to be a feminist display of lesbian sex. The viewer is allowed to watch the scenes from a view that excludes phallocentrism and the male gaze and allows them to follow the movements of each character and their pleasure which does not produce a notion of one character having more power over the other. So in my opinion, using Susie Bright in the choreography of these sex scenes helped to bring the screen a truly feminist lesbian sex scene.