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I feel that the film Bound employs a high-quality of feminism. Although, Corky was considered the “butch� lesbian I feel that it was forced. I feel that the film does somewhat exclude other lesbians because Corky and Violet were both feminine therefore not allowing more masculine “butch� lesbians to identify with the characters. Corky and Violet were portrayed through classic “femme� and “butch� images. This reinforces the lesbian stereotype and thus shows them to be “in their place� (Kessler pg 18). Typically the butch was thought to be the aggressive one and the femme was perceived as passive, but this film challenges these roles because Corky is the passive receiver. “Bound visually adheres to historical stereotypes while revising/transforming them through a reversal of behavior and connotation� (Kessler pg 19). The placement of Corky and Violet is important because Violet is the femme sexual aggressor which is not anticipated. I anticipated Corky to be more of the aggressor because she is “butch� and more “masculine.� Masculine roles are generally viewed to be more dominate in our society. Therefore, if Violet and Corky traded places the sex scenes would not go against the “standard.�