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Bound’s main sex scene does strike me as feminist in many ways, although as addressed in Kelly Kessler’s article it seems to appeal to a male heterosexual audience as well. The panning shots up and down their bodies during the scene definitely carry a voyeuristic quality which fall in line with conventional sex scenes, but as Kessler also mentions in her article- there are no masculine symbols and thus it seems to me there would be no really strong way in which a man could envision himself as part of the action. Yes, both the women are beautiful and that will appeal to the male hetero viewer. However, the scene ends up on Corky’s face as she orgasms- and in this moment the camera sticks with her and her expressions are not the typical breathy, half screaming Hollywood woman orgasm. Violet is in the active position during the scene and because of this Corky’s masculine qualities and Violet’s feminine ones seem less rigid than they might have appeared at first. Up to this point in the film each character has been presented with stereotypical symbols which identify Corky as “butch? and Violet as “femme,? but Violet as initiator and driver of the sexual encounter and then later as the one driving the action forward serves to remind us that she should be viewed on (at least) equal terms with Corky and the men in the film. If Corky and Violet had switched positions in the scene, it would have seemed over the top in characterizing Violet as the ultra-feminine, passive receiver and Corky as the “stand in for the man? role. As it is, the women seem to be more equal opportunity partners and lovers.