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Sexually Bounded

The sex scene in the film Bound is feminist. Because of the excessive usage of sex scenes in many meaningful, ordinary, and stupid films, the over-exposed audience may simply watch the sex scene without any thought it being feminist but they will definitely get a “voyeuristic pleasure� from this scene. As Kelly Kessler states in her article “Bound Together: Lesbian film that’s family fun for everyone�, the sex scene in Bound “provides sex totally independent of male symbolism� meaning it “excludes phallocentrism� and there is no feeling of a male character present or watching them as they indulge in each other.

Violet’s character takes on a role of femme fatale. Although she has a quiet demeanor, she is the one pulling all the strings and the central character of this movie. She is attractive to both men and women and wears attractive skirts. Her daily job seems to be Caesar’s wife or girlfriend. On the other hand, Corky assumes the butch character in this film. Her job is to fix up the apartment next to where Violet lives. She is always wearing a tank-top, wears a construction or working pants, and doesn’t hang out with men.

In the sex scenes, Violet who is femme fatale, seems to be in control and this is somewhat conflicting as we would think Corky, who is more masculine, will be one taking control over Violet. It also become apparent that Violet is the one who ends up saving both herself and Corky by shooting Caesar. If Violet and Corky traded positions in the sex scene, we might feel a presence of phallocentrism as Corky is masculine.