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The sex scenes in Bound are definitely feminist. In the first sex scene, Corky pleasures Violet. In the second, Violet pleasures Corky. Until Violet returned the favor, I was going to label the film non-feminist. Towards the beginning, we see an image of Violet’s legs behind Corky. I was inclined to think that that was a move meant to attract the male audience, but as time went on, I didn’t see it that way at all. The camera didn’t gaze up and down her legs; it was simply (un)focused on them to give us an idea of what Corky was seeing/thinking about.

The fact that they were each given a scene to please the other really showed how equal the two women were. It didn’t matter that one of them was butch and one was femme. They were passionate for one another and truly wanted to satisfy each other’s needs. I wouldn’t even say that one of them played the dominant role while the other played the submissive role, because that would place them in a hierarchy that I simply don’t think they participate in.

Kessler discusses the lack of need for the phallus in the intimate scenes. There were no penis-like sex toys or women spreading their legs in a stereotypical heterosexual way. The sex scenes were not meant to appeal to the male audience, and Corky and Violet don’t use their lesbianism as a way of attracting men. At one point, Violet says she doesn’t have sex with men; instead, she calls it “work.?

There is a romantic love story behind it all; these two women were showing how much they cared for one another, which the camera angles showed well. The camera gazed from their hips up to their faces in an innocent sort of way, with emphasis on certain body parts, like the mouth and hip. The women were able to reveal their powerful sexual stances.