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The Unknown

While watching the lesbian sex scenes in Bound, one is enlightened into a realm of homosexual unknown with regards to the media. Besides in pornography, lesbian sex is not regularly displayed in the media today. I can not easily place these scenes under a feminist ideal. I can place them as homosexual activism, making homosexuality portrayed in present media like heterosexuality already is. In her article Bound Together, Kelly Kessler stated, “I do not deny that it provides images to titillate heterosexual men, but at the same time I believe that it creates much needed empowering and erotic images for lesbians.? Although outward appearance immediately categorized Corky as the butch lesbian and Violet as the femme lesbian, these images were obsolete during the sex scene. Violet did lead for the majority of the sex scene but I do not think the scene would have been significantly different if Corky was the leader. Frequently, the camera angles made identification blurred regarding who was doing what. Throughout the film I think that the women shared power in the relationship contradicting the hetersexualized

portrayals of femme and butch lesbians. The obvious imagery depicting them as butch and femme was a way to relate to the audience of all sexual preferences. Kessler stated, “Stereotypes allow audience members to conjure up quickly an associative meaning and value system of the character in question so that they can then compare it with their own.? Although Corky and Violet were categorized in their appearance, they brought an enlightening view into the uncommon portrayal of lesbian sexuality in the media resulting in homosexual activism.