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"Try not to steal anything on your way out... "

In the the second sex scene of Bound the expected stereotypical behaviors of butch and femme are reversed. However, it could be argued that it does not go far enough to challenge sexual ‚Äúroles‚Ä? and control. Kessler appraises sex scene and its departure from mainstream Hollywood/pornography representations of lesbianism where sex between women is not as ‚Äúreal‚Ä? as hetero-sex, therefore it requires male presence or phallic objects to be worthy of interest.

According to Kessler film has been designed to appeal to all audiences, which might be a strength as well as limitation. For example, both characters are quite within the normative standards of body shape, age, attractiveness etc. Even if the bar scene represented its patrons as ‚Äústereotypical to the point of humor‚Ä? nevertheless they showed much wider variety of body types. Although both Violet and Corky challenge gender norms and normative sexuality, Violet‚Äôs potential in destabilizing gender and sexual order is higher since she is not as easily identifiable the way Corky is.
Overall the scene and the film demonstrates that identities are not so easily definable and rigid as stereotypes would suggest. Kessler states that ‚ÄúBound visually adheres to historical stereotypes while revising/transforming then through a reversal of behavior expectations and connotation.‚Ä? Bound serves as illustration of how bodies do not need to align with cultural ideals of masculinity and femininity but can be adopted and performed by anyone. For example, Violet despite her femme appearance displays traits that typically are considered as masculine, such as being rational and sexually assertive.