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Visibility in Sex Work

Some women the sex work industry needs the money to support their children and debts, some need money for bad addictions and others enjoy the job and find it to be a stress reliever. I think that the women on Live Nude Girls Unite are much different than prostitutes and strippers who are not behind glass. The role of the employer in all cases should focus on the protection of their employees. It baffles me that they would rather have a sick girl on stage than one than does not have the same breast size or hair color. In every sex work situation, I think that they all have grievances with race discrimination. It depends where the club is located and who their main consumers are that decide which kind of women they like the most. The role of the employer is really just to keep the audience happy and the show the best it can be.

Being invisible occurs right as they get on stage with their make up on, wigs in place and new names. They use the attire to cover their real identity and slip into their new identity. Like Jill Nagle explains, these women, along with all women, do not want to be known as “whores? or even be mistaken as “whores.? Being invisible to the customers, general public and even their family gives them a way to live a normal life. A sex worker can be visible on stage through their body’s actions but hide behind a costume and altered voice to make them invisible. Location really emphasizes whether the dancer wants to be hyper visible. Some clubs have posters of them on the outside, for everyone going by to see. You can choose to be hyper visible or not. Priscilla Alexander emphasizes that hypervisibilty occurs from the “origins of civilization.? I think that the dancers who wish to be visible are the ones that do it for the fame and who treat sex work as their main focus. They benefit by becoming very popular on stage and make a lot of money. The others who want to be invisible benefit by having their privacy and other life. They just want to make money and hopefully have a good time.

These women are clearly smart and driven to go and fight their bosses for equal rights. Management wants them to think of the job as “fun.? But they do not want that, most of them need the job, not want it. They like the industry and they know a lot about it and believe that they can do a much better job than their managers. Which I agree!