I don’t think that scene was feminist, it showed that there can be a sexual relationship between persons- that is not necessarily men and woman. However what was most surprising was how intimate the scene was, it was not vulgar, it was romantic. I think that if the scene was pornographic or trashy, that it could be feminist because it would represent woman in a bad light, but it shows that there can be a bond between women that is just as significant as a bond between a man and a woman. Also as one of the articles stated is that it is stereotypical in that the roles change when Violet, the femme, is the sexual aggressor. It is Violet who initiates the action even though Corky, the butch, is the physically stronger and sexual aggressor. This shows a culture change, tying them to modern lesbian culture. The characters are clearly represented as Corky being the butch and Violet being the femme which is significant in that in shows that stereotypically Corky would be the “man? and Violet being the “woman?. But as stated before the roles switch when it comes to the sexual act, and for that

reason, I think that’s why the movie was applauded because it contradicts the stereotypical men and woman scene by introducing a modern lesbian community. Masculinity is depicted, from the article by Kessler, when Violet asks Corky what she wants to drink and she responds “BEER,? Violet then replies with “OF COURSE?. This can be depicted at masculinity in that a beer is to be considered a man drink; which also shows that the movie does have a stereotypical atmosphere. I think that in the scene if they traded places it would be different because it would give more of a man and woman relationship but it shows significance because the butch is getting pleased by the femme, again showing modern lesbian community.