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Emme, Jennifer, Carnie and Shallow Hal

There are some interesting things said in the People Magazine article that had Jennifer Holliday, Carnie Wilson, and Emme discuss their thoughts about the movie Shallow Hall. Emme seems to try to pull out any positive aspects from the movie. She is the only one that thinks any part of it is funny, and the only one that think there can be good that comes from it. I think this is due to her successful career as a plus-sized model. She has found a way to make money off her being a large woman. The other two women, Jennifer and Carnie, have only experienced ridicule and teasing for their sizes. The both of them have struggled to change their size and loose weight, because they are in the performance industry that is accepting of only thin people. I think there is truth to Emme’s statement about fatness being the “last acceptable prejudice.? In our current society, it truly is no longer acceptable to be openly racist, sexist or homophobic, but people still do make fun of fat people. I think this is because people don’t take it seriously as oppression against a group of people. I think many people understand fatness to be something that a person could change, if they tried hard enough, or wanted to. But the reality is that being large is part of some people’s identity, and that will not change. Not everyone is going to be thin, nor does everyone want to be. It is dangerous to say that one oppressions is “the last? one to be fought against, because of course, there are always more. I think we can account for difference and oppression by understanding intersectionality. All people have multiple identities, and this allows for more connections to each other than we can imagine. Understanding intersectionality allows space for inclusion, connection, awareness, and equality through accepting difference and by not striving for sameness.