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Shallow Hal and Prejudice

I do consider Emme’s claim of fatness being “the last acceptable prejudice? true to a point. In today’s culture people are so desensitized to the concept of obesity that it is socially acceptable to make fat jokes or a fat-phobic comments. However, along with obese people, gays, lesbians, and those with handicaps (also made fun of in the film), and others still face desensitized prejudice and experience it every day. Most people associate ‘fat’ with ‘unhealthy’, and this is not always the case and people can’t understand why. The problematic element of Emme’s comment is that she completely ignores prejudice against race, gender, class, and religion, though not purposely. Purposefulness aside, these prejudices are still ‘accepted’ but are instead chalked up to ignorance or just not being “pc?. You’d be hard pressed to find a black person who says that prejudice against blacks is over, or a woman who says that gender prejudice has been solved. I think it’s interesting that Holliday did not speak to this point

even though they were interviewed together. Holliday, being a black and overweight woman, it seems would experience at least two kinds of ‘acceptable’ prejudice yet says nothing. Even Wilson said something about if being black were made fun of in the film, but Holliday remained silent. We can account for difference and oppression by realizing that it is our false preconceptions as a culture and society that keep all marginalities down, and in order to accomplish the end of prejudice, marginalities must instead of pitting against one another, realize that they share the same goal.