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Shallow Hal Impacting Society

I thought the three women provided very interesting arguments. A reason I see it making a difference who vocally responds to such issues is to hear personal accounts, which can be very persuasive in an argument. I especially liked Emme’s attitude about seeing the bigger picture. Communication needs to happen on the subject of weight and attractiveness within society but I don’t think this movie in particular was seeking to take on that responsibility. I think there are better ways to stimulate such a discussion without the insults.

When Emme and Holliday were discussing how to make society view overweight people differently, Emme mentions that it is a difficult expectation for women to stand up together to change perceptions because of the “collective self-esteem isn’t good?. This stood out to me because this alone is an issue that needs to be examined. Is women can’t support their own personal bodies no matter their size, how can they even start to fight on behalf of others bodies? This definitely runs hand in hand with the battle of negative perceptions to overweight people. It seems on the grand scale, to really make a difference there needs to fight for all other sizes as well as overweight.

In response to fatness being the last acceptable prejudice, I don’t necessarily believe it is the last (ageism is still rather acceptable). But I do believe that weight is often used for inappropriate humor. This may exist because many overweight comedians, such as Chris Farley, have used their own large weight so exclusively in jokes that society may feel that it is open to ridicule and laughter.