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At the time I entered this course entitled "Queer Cinema", I mentally translated the meaning to be "movies involving homosexuality". I believed that queer was a synonym for homosexual--that an antonym for "queer" would be "heterosexual" or "straight". Upon reflecting on the readings and really, reflecting on society, I came to understand that there is a wide range of sexual tendencies/desires/actions and to limit the "choices" to gay or straight would be like limiting voting to a two party system (which, in my bias, is wrong).

You may have seen a movie that came out earlier this year called "My Idiot Brother". The film first depicts the character Natalie (Zooey Deschanel) as a lesbian living with her girlfriend but soon Natalie sleeps with her man friend and characters surrounding Natalie reflect on Natalie's sexuality with ponderous exclamations like "yeah...we don't really know what Natalie is...she's well..no one really knows". Meanwhile, the main character Ned (unsuccessfully) attempts to engage in a threesome with a women and another man. Another main character named Dylan is having an affair with his film subject while his wife is home with the kids. All of these situations differ from the monogamous heterosexual relationship that so many of are told is "normal".

Although this is a somewhat trivial example, it opens discussions about the need to look beyond a dichotomy of sexual preferences.


I wrote about this issue in my blog as well. I think that a lot of people can get confused with what the term "queer" means exactly, and many assume that it just means gay. I have not seen that movie, but yes it is neat that they depict so many non-normative relationships. Though it is also interesting that Zooey Deschanel's character goes from identifying as a lesbian to sleeping with a man, and not vice versa. Reminds me of the movie Chasing Amy where the lead female character does the same thing. This can be a bit disappointing to me, because then it sort of seems like they are saying that the woman was straight all along, and just "experimenting" or "in a phase" when she was with women.

I liked your example that you said. I also saw that movie and besides the fact that it was hilarious it did show a spectrum of sexualities - which is beneficial because it opens peoples eyes to other ways of living and being sexual. That it's okay and normal to feel something for someone of different or same sex. The hetero-homo binary is extremely limiting and it sucks that people feel they have to conform to one or the other!

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