cultural criticism and transformation

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What media and certain viewpoints that were concerned with specified ideologies are likely to control people easily who do not adjust critical thinking. In that, as Hooks discussed all over her works, it is extremely important to approach given means critically, which an original performer selects to show consciously. Hooks constantly points out the role of money in the industry and popular culture which disregards morality and pursues profits. In order to win the sympathy of majority, the way that performers are adopting is consciously picked for the best result. Players choose what they want to show not what is necessarily to be shown. What they are arguing seems very natural as if they demand and follow such a fair and reasonable fact. However, one should notice that the shared interests of popular culture and the industry conceal deception involved with racism, sexism, heteroecism, and so forth. I personally think those camouflages are fairly subliminal and even very powerful that absorb sneakily while one looks away for a second. For instance, the movie Braveheart, mentioned in the Hook's documentary, has offered a chance to think about liberation of Ireland, which reveals an impact of popular culture. In the same vein, the popular culture of United States or Hollywood that keeps a dominated position all over the world ultimately does affect and penetrate into people's mind. It is interesting that this kind of atmosphere, in fact, even brings a huge transformation of the society itself. The transformation of standards of beauty in South Korea is very distinctive because a westernized (or marginalized) concept of beauty, reflected from movies stars of Hollywood, models of fashion show in Paris, and every manipulated advertisements starred by whites, pushes the girls to have a plastic surgery such as a plastic surgery for double eyelids. It is crucial to understand people to be "enlightened witnesses" when they watch representation for avoiding blind faith of such trends. "Enlightened witnesses" no longer stay passive against majority power which likewise can be applied in observing queer cinema. The white hetero sexual upper class power is practiced within its own superiority not from the inferiority of people of colors as Hooks mentioned on a documentary, the case of Spike Lee who were accused as a failure. Similarly, queer culture has nothing to do with simplified perpetuation within hetero sexual regulations, but its diverse approach to the issue and experiences.

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