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Well the word "queer" points to inadequacies when applied to a certain person or group of people. Contemporarily, it is meant to refer to GLBT people and the inadequacies that fall upon this group of people.

Initially, it meant anyone who had sex outside of marriage; to some extent this definition is still true today. The chapter talks about heterosexual men who engage in anal sex as queer; then they turn around and label gay men and women as being involved in queer relationships since they do not conform to heterosexual norms.

So the inadequacy is the simplest form of hypocrisy. You cannot claim to heterosexual, attack homosexuals, then proceed to engage in queer sexual relations. The only issue queer address is varying from the hetero-normative of one man and one woman engaging in sexual relations primarily for procreation.

If we are to look at heterosexuality and the range it takes on, we would find ourselves in the queer realm. Being heterosexual is extremely limiting, whereas being queer is liberating. I would rather not tie down my sexuality into a small box. I'm not sure how I could live like that.


I love how you tie it into your own experience. I agree to being able to label yourself as queer can be liberating. You don't have to tie yourself down to one thing, especially because people are constantly growing, changing and discovering themselves. You talk about how queer can define sexuality, but not gender. I was just wondering how you feel about that. There are more then just men and women in the world. There are people who identify somewhere in between. How do you feel they can take the word queer and use it to identify? Do you think it could be just as liberating?

It seems to me that all of our troubles rest on the labels we keep trying to put on things. Everything that people do has to have a label and it just gets confusing. Not only that but negative connotations get associated with those labels and then people think of it as bad and when they hear the word all the can envision in their minds or talk about are the stereotypes. It's unfortunate that sexuality has to have all these labels. You're right, a heterosexual lifestyle is extremely limiting and I'm sure a lot of heterosexuals don't even know they are taking part in a queer life style!

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