"Queer": Multifaceted, Inclusive Umbrella Term

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The term deemed "Queer" offers a multifaceted and inclusive umbrella-term working for all people whom do not identify with heteronormativity. Queer, on it's own has a unique quality that takes away restrictions of traditional-set in-stone categories in which society feels comfortable in defining. It also eliminates the sometimes confusing border of gender-identity and sexuality that is expressed in GLBT. In the "Celluloid" closet, the depictions of non heterosexual males or females were historically only referenced in terms of what someone should not be: effeminate for males, inquisitive and dominating for females, for one example. When eliminating the boundaries from straight/gay, and incorporating a free-flowing form of genders and sexualities, the differences are less the focal point in a heteronormative society and inclusion begins to set in.

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